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Monday, 11 June 2018

What Freelance Work Can You Do That is Relevant To Your Career in Higher Education

This really got me thinking you know. A good number of persons in higher education often get confused along the most strategic lines of their career, especially in higher education. Some get confused about how to face their worst fears (job seeking) after school. And while the seemingly diplomatic ones embrace school politics as a ladder to socio-economic emancipation, the really smart ones put their brains to work towards freelancing and entrepreneurship.

Now harnessing and bringing your knowledge into work while in school seem not to be enough for the latter set of student, the challenge of detecting where you truly fit in, in your proposed career and extending it to freelancing pull their fingers off the strings.
The First Thing you need to do to get your hands on again is to ask your self this question;

What Can You Do?
If you can tell yourself and someone else what you can do passionately and with little effort, then you are up for freelancing. Meanwhile you have to be able to tell why you love doing it.

Is Your Career in School Relevant to What You Can Do?
Let you career in school tally with your passion, talent, knowledge etc. Making the right career choice that is directly or indirectly related to what you can do passionately helps you make the right choice for freelancing. You are in school to sharpen what you know already so take the right step per time.

Be Passionate:
As an intending freelancer, one thing must motivate your knowledge or talent and that is passion. If you do what you love for money, you can't do it without money. but if you do it for passion, you can do it for anything including money.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

You need Paypal. Here are the Reasons

One of the necessary requirements for freelancing is a PayPal account. For those who do not know much about PayPal, PayPal is one of the largest online payment processors in the world, thus it’s not a surprise that so many people use it as their only way to pay for online purchases. After you review this excerpt, you will most likely want to start using PayPal.

When you sign up for a PayPal account, you type in the credit cards and bank accounts you wish to use for purchases one time on the PayPal secure system. Once that is accomplished, you never again have to disclose your credit card information online. By paying with PayPal, you keep your credit card information private, meaning that you can shop without worrying about a hacker downloading your account data from your online merchant.

Relieve yourself of the embarrassment and hassle of trying to purchase goods and services online only to have your credit card declined. Because you can set up multiple bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards to fund your PayPal account, you can rest assured that your PayPal purchases always go through the first time. PayPal will then look for funds from your sources based on the order you define.

Whether you need to send money to a child at college or a friend in trouble across the globe, PayPal users can instantly transfer money to them with just a click of the mouse. Save time and money over costly Western Union style transfers while getting money to where you wish to send it faster than ever.

The PayPal iPhone application makes it easy to shop online and transfer money wherever you are. All you have to do is visit the Apple iTunes store and search for the PayPal app and you will be ready to transfer, send money, pay bills, review your transaction history, and make purchases right from the palm of your hand. Because PayPal will ask you to confirm transactions with a PIN, you can rest assured that your finances are safe.

One of the best reasons for using PayPal is its cost free nature. That’s right. No annual membership fees, no processing fees, no service charges. Shoppers using PayPal get all the powerful advantages associated with the service and do not have to pay one dime.

If you have never opened a PayPal account, go ahead and create one today and enjoy hassle free online purchasing experience. Also it will help your freelance expriennce on

Monday, 30 April 2018


One very interesting feature of freelance services is its multi-compensation policy. This simply means that Users can benefit financially, intellectually and otherwise from more than just one source.

One of such freelance services, and indeed the largest freelance service and microjob marketplace in Nigeria is Being user oriented, allow users not just to earn intellectual recognition but also to make money through gig selling, outsourcing and most of all referrals.


Our data base has shown that over 40% of our users got registered through referrals. But have you ever wondered how much you have made from your referrals so far knowing that each referral earns you #200. Follow the trend below and check yours afterwards.

Now, how do you check your referral balance on oyerr?

The steps are quite simple and familiar

Log into your oyerr account

Click on buyer on the menu bar

From the options, click on payments

The system will display the sum of money you have made from your referrals just like this screenshot below

Friday, 27 April 2018


From most indications, 65% of budding programmers would not have embraced entirely the business slide of a programming career. In other words, "programming career has been adopted as a calling, specialization or even a professional portfolio" by most programmers, says Describe Web Technology (dwt) Lead Technical Consultant, Mr Samuel Nengolong.

DWT's fifth internal seminar was full of it. Having done justice to the topic - Building a Successful Programming Career, Samuel Nengolong ,engrossed in his professional stands shared his experiences as a programmer and how he has been able to handle the business aspect of his career successfully.

Very importantly, programmers, according to the speaker, should be committed to

be eager to solve contemporary problems

work smart than hard-work

work with team

have a business perspective in heart

being open to technological trends

Consciously in style, DTW seminar is moving in a faster pace having been graced by Pst Alfred Idongesit.

Get ready, you could be next !!!

Monday, 23 April 2018


"Look behind the wealth of nations you will find information, look behind the poverty of nations you will find lack of information"

In the business world generally and ofcourse the ICT inclusive, the pattern of information flow any enterprise adopts define who they are and subsequently their level of productivity. It doesn't matter if you are a programmer, web designer or what ever discipline outside the communication parlance. What really matters is your ability to apply some managerial skills to be able to make an ICT startup work.

Management involves the coordinated effort of human and material efforts in order to accomplish organisational goals. Therefore, being a genius in programming does not automatically make you a great manager. You need to learn some communication tools.

Speaking on Effective communication tools in an ICT startup, Miss Ima-abasi and ofcourse in agreement with other scholars made it clear that creating a conducive and healthy communication atmosphere motivates customer relations management, among others.

How can you achieve this?

Listen to others (viewpoint)
Pay attention to non verbal cue
Ask for feedback
Show your work samples
Repeat important messages

Technology obviously didn't burn the bridges of communication entirely. So while we use the tech means of communication we should also pay attention to other traditional means of meaning sharing.

Thursday, 19 April 2018


Again today, our internal seminar was a great knowledge pack.
Indeed digital marketing has become so pervasive globally as far as business is concerned.

Interestingly, digital marketing is one marketing strategy that is measurable, targeted, interactive, versatile and has high revenue generation tendencies.

And like our speaker today would say , Digital marketing is a discipline that is rich, broad, adventurous and tech-based.

Digital marketing comprises the following;
Search engine optimization, social media marketing,content marketing, email marketing and lots more.

It was clear at the end of today's Seminar, that all businesses have equal opportunity to explore their market. However, your Digital marketing startegies makes the difference.

Thursday, 12 April 2018


The ongoing privacy saga with mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook has raised an issue of great concern among media eunthusiast who have written commentaries and opinions concerning the cyber world, data and privacy.

The very fact that internet users deliberately or rather voluntarily leverage their data to the internet especially when aiming to register on a platform and even affirming the account by agreeing to the terms and conditions without even reading through is an irony.

In a recent blog post, Yinka Awosanya wrote that "the Internet is taking more than it’s giving or better put, we are giving the Internet more — surrendering our privacy for convenience and we don’t even care."

The facebook privacy saga has opened the eyes our the worlds understanding about where all the data collected over the years in the internet is going. Aside the primary function of granting users access to platforms, what else do domain owners do with the huge collection of data.

Studies have revealed that most of these data gathered could be transferred and used by companies to promote new business incentives. One general habit of over 65% of internet users is agreeing to terms and conditions without taking time to read through. The privacy terms of facebook in part reads thus;

Information from third-party partners.
We receive information about you and your activities on and off Facebook from third-party partners, such as information from a partner when we jointly offer services or from an advertiser about your experiences or interactions with them.

Facebook companies.
We receive information about you from companies that are owned or operated by Facebook, in accordance with their terms and policies.

Show and measure ads and services.
We use the information we have to improve our advertising and measurement systems so that we can show you relevant ads on and off our Services and measure the effectiveness and reach of ads and services. Learn more about advertising on our Services and how you can control how information about you is used to personalize the ads you see.

These are the features of what marshal McLuhan foresaw when he theorized about the global village. Privacy does not matter anymore, in my opinion except you just decided to delete your entire internet accounts and turn to the 20th century. How does that sound ?