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Monday, 11 June 2018

What Freelance Work Can You Do That is Relevant To Your Career in Higher Education

This really got me thinking you know. A good number of persons in higher education often get confused along the most strategic lines of their career, especially in higher education. Some get confused about how to face their worst fears (job seeking) after school. And while the seemingly diplomatic ones embrace school politics as a ladder to socio-economic emancipation, the really smart ones put their brains to work towards freelancing and entrepreneurship.

Now harnessing and bringing your knowledge into work while in school seem not to be enough for the latter set of student, the challenge of detecting where you truly fit in, in your proposed career and extending it to freelancing pull their fingers off the strings.
The First Thing you need to do to get your hands on again is to ask your self this question;

What Can You Do?
If you can tell yourself and someone else what you can do passionately and with little effort, then you are up for freelancing. Meanwhile you have to be able to tell why you love doing it.

Is Your Career in School Relevant to What You Can Do?
Let you career in school tally with your passion, talent, knowledge etc. Making the right career choice that is directly or indirectly related to what you can do passionately helps you make the right choice for freelancing. You are in school to sharpen what you know already so take the right step per time.

Be Passionate:
As an intending freelancer, one thing must motivate your knowledge or talent and that is passion. If you do what you love for money, you can't do it without money. but if you do it for passion, you can do it for anything including money.

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