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Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Reducing the freelance market in Nigeria, with different categories of task into a single website is a necessity to bring the market closer to those who need it., as such became part of this framework, thus, a freelance service and micro job market place. is not such a difficult website to understand, you can find your way through physical observation and your ability to understand English language.

Meanwhile, our attention have been drawn to difficulties in posting a buyer request on Every one of our client needs to understand that what ever activity that goes on the site is generated by Buyers and Sellers on the website.

Before a buyer posts a request on oyerr, it means he or she is in need of the service. Being a freelance service, the terms require that a Buyer makes his/her request known by creating a buyer request. By so doing, you would attracted a number of freelancers who can do the task.

There is no point hosting a conversation when you have not given a description of what you want.The first step you should take is to post a request,( of course you will have some people offer to do the task). At this point, you may need to get in touch basically using the conversation box.

Having reached a compromise,the buyer may go ahead to pay the bills to oyerr account. Note this, no Seller earns his revenue until the Buyer is satisfied with the services he/she paid for. So be assured that you are not wasting your resources.

We are trying as much as we can to bring the market closer to everyone.

Cheers !!!


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