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Thursday, 15 March 2018


       "  Techpreneurs should learn to separate business from their technological background   "

Youths are native to ICT and understand its languages much better than other age segments. Interesting enough, they anchor the ICT segment of the economy both in the public and private sector.

Your journey as a techpreneur should start with the business model. Conventionally, the business model canvas is a better milestone to set the pace for startups, especially. However, there are factors, although trivial but significant to the survival of startups. They include the following ;

Separate Business From Your Tech Background:
Tech founders should learn to separate the business side of their skill from their tech background, Japhet Johnson of Describe Web Technologies (DWT). This simply means that you need the coordinated effort of people from various discipline or perhaps other ideological background to team up and make the business work. It is not right to feel that you are entitled to make the business work, as a tech person. You need a business idea to make business work.

Understand Your Relationship with People:
As as a techpreneur, you must understand what your affiliation with people or perhaps an individual means to your business. Define who your employees are, define your business partners, your investors and even your family and friends. That way, you will know not to confuse business with fun.

Outsource Your Weakness:
Another notable way to expand your business horizon as a techpreneur is to leverage your strength and outsource your weaknesses. What human or material resources do you have, which do you not have. Make the most of the ones you have and reach for some related businesses who can work on contract. You could strike a deal on revenue-sharing bases.

Generally, your journey as a techpreneur is one that demands diligence, hard work, focus and breath taking ideas. Be the best you can be and make the most of what you have.    

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