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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Telling a story about yourself and you gig

We must not undermine the power of advertising in business. It doesn't matter if you are a freelancer or a business owner.If you fail to announce or see no need to share what  you do with the other members of the society, your business may suffer. Gigs created on oyerr is a business, irrespective of the nature or the kind of job created therein. It therefore deserves to be advertised.

When you advertise, you tell a story. First, you are telling a story about the product you are sharing. Second, you are telling a story about what you do. In extension, it share your contact with the rest of the world. Little wonders how one can advertise a gig created on oyerr. Well you can .

Oyerr automatically displays a number of social media networks as soon as you create a job and view it. This is to make it easier to share your gig direct

Talking about telling a story about yourself, it is needful therefore to create a reputable profile of yourself. This is to enlighten your prospective clients about you. Your gig will only sound convincing if it is accompanied with a detailed profile . Owing to the nature of freelance services such as oyerr, you may have to go beyond reasonable doubts for credibility purposes.

Meanwhile, oyerr offers you every possible means of promoting your gig . You only need to key into the required thread to keep the line going. Sharing your gig through the social network icons on oyerr is entirely free
Good Luck .


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