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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The New Payment System on Oyerr

With the prevailing pervasiveness of digitisation in our world and the quick adaptation to changes in technological development, many Information and Communication Technology companies, and indeed other public related industries such as the Media, Banks, Hotels etc.  aim to diversify their economic strategies to suit the changing nature of the society.

By the way, any business of  this 21st century which does not tune to the technological advancement of this era is  bound to be left out. The society tend to know more about recent inventions. Every business needs to work hard to be ahead of the competition by aiming to satisfy consumer needs faster, easily and at considerable cost.

As a matter of fact, is a product born out of digitisation. Therefore keeping up with new digital trends is what we must do. Recently, has integrated the use of PayPal into its payment system in addition to the already existing payment system on . PayPal system allow users to make online transaction from anywhere around the globe

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There are other payment systems available on oyerr such as PayStack. Oyerr is out to give freelancing in Nigeria a bigger picture. Just tune to this development and be sure you are not left out.

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