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Monday, 18 September 2017



Certainly, oyerr is a market place where you showcase your services for people to see. Being a market, buyers come for shopping and when they do, they choose one, two or more gigs from the lot.
   There are circumstances that influence buyers choices, it could be their taste, nearness or the sellers reputation. One or all of these certainly must affect the buyers choice of gig in the market. There are certain routines and special packages you need to adopt on oyerr market that will afford your gig better chances among the lot. They include. 

·        Ranking your gigs
·        Reputable profile
·        Brilliant description
·        Gig Extra
·        Add tags


Just like search engines, gigs on oyerr can be optimized so that visitors or buyer can view your jobs at the top without searching any further. Like I said, buyer’s choices are influenced by nearness. If your gig appears at the top, it will give you more chances of selling your gig than the ones at the bottom line ranking your gigs on oyerr market cost N20, 000 for hundred days subscription. It is one of the best practices for gig to sell. 


    On a lighter note, your profile on oyerr simply entails your username, password, email, phone number, account details and other necessary test including your photo.
    However, your profile says who you are while you are not there. It entails what sort of records you have kept in the past. It talks of your reputation, your skills, talent and abilities etc.
   You can build your reputation on oyerr with customer satisfaction making your buyers satisfaction your priority will make them look for your gig the next time. In fact, they will recommend you by making one or all of the white stars on your gig turn yellow.


     One thing you always have to recall is that in a market, there are so many varieties to choose from. The buyers only choose the most appealing. Your inability to give a compelling description of what your job is about, can affect your patronage.
   In your description
·        Be as specific as possible
·        Talk about your previous jobs
·         Add links to these jobs if possible
·         Name clients who rated your previous jobs etc.
At the sight of these, the buyer is convinced that you can deliver the job and picks interest subsequently. It certainly appeals to the buyers taste and preference at this point.

4.      GIG EXTRA

      Adding gig extra  on oyerr serves as a supplementary taste to the original gig. Most times, there are services that  spike their interest. That means that you are presenting a complete dose of what the buyer requires that your competitors do on the oyerr market. For instance, if the original gig says you can do a graphics design of a flex banner; you can add that you will design a complementary card as an extra gig.
    Generally, every little thing matters while shopping especially when it comes to online market such as oyerr. A lot of serves appeal to buyers taste as well as bring these services closer to their view. It takes one or all of these to attract yellow star on your next gig. Why don’t you try?

5.     ADD TAGS 

       Tags a key words or phrases that give a description of what you do. The essence of takes is that the buyer finds it easier finding you using the search bottom. If you put the right tags, the buyer will find you directly where your gig is located on the oyerr market.

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