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Friday, 15 September 2017


Pictures speak louder than words. Pictures tend to attract or repel a person’s attraction. After following the above steps to upload a picture, you are faced with the task of knowing if your picture will sell your gig. I mean promote the service you are offering. It is not a red letter post or one that has too many sentences or words. It is just something simple. Without much to do, this is how to post a sellable gig picture on oyerr market;

  •  Make sure the picture describes the service you are offering.

  •  Make sure it corresponds with the key words of your job. For example if you’re offering a writing service; your gig picture should be a pen on a paper, or a paper with lines of writings.

  •  Make sure it has a major subject. Here, I mean that a mere glance at your gig picture should give you away or tell a prospective client what you do.

  • The picture should be clear and pleasing to the eyes. You don’t one someone to  puke after looking at your gig picture.
  • And finally, the picture should promote you and your job.

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