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Saturday, 16 September 2017


Jobs on Oyerr are called gigs. Gigs are small jobs. Creating jobs on Oyerr takes a few steps as follows:
1.     Sign in to your account with your username and password
2.     On the sellers button, choose create a job.
3.     You will be provided with a semi template

4. First, type what you can do and subsequently choose the amount option.
5.     Next, give a description of what you can do, how you intend to accomplish it and provide possible evidences of your past jobs.
6.     Give instructions to your prospective buyer on the details including images that you require to get the job done.
7.     Next, add tags. Tags are key words associated with the job you created. Tags enable a buyer search for jobs easily while slopping in the Oyerr market.
8.     Choose the number of days it will take to deliver the jobs.
Meanwhile, there are gigs called express jobs.
Express jobs are ready made jobs awaiting orders from the buyer. Express jobs are delivered immediately on the buyer’s request. It is limited to digital products only. 

Click on allow instant delivery for express jobs only.
Upload an image that tells a story of what you do.
Click on submit.

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