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Monday, 18 September 2017


 There is more to creating gigs on oyerr than merely showcasing what you can do for money. It ranges from the trivial to the weighty issues.

      Creating gigs on oyerr requires more diligence than you think. This is because it speaks for itself while you are away. It stands the chance of winning buyers over or pushing them away entirely. Winning buyers over with your gigs depends on how willing and convincing they are.

  The tips below could help you create a standard gig that stand the test of your prospective buyers on oyerr market.


      The entirety of your description should have brilliant and vital qualities that commands the buyers attention. Your description goes a long way to convince your prospective buyer on how well you know what you showcase. It tells of your level of expertise and experience.

      Your description should include

·        What you do 

·        How you intend to accomplish the job you showcase

·        A hint about your previous jobs

·        A link or url to your previous job(s)

·        A recommendation or rating prior to your previous jobs.

Haven done these, the buyer is convinced he/she will not waste money. Remember, oyerr is a virtual market. How you present your tasks determines clients approach to it. 


     In case you didn’t know, images give credibility to your description, specifically and to your gig, generally. It serves as a stand-alone story in your gig.

     Much attention should be given to your image as much as your description. Your image therefore, must agree with the job you showcase. For instance, if you intend to do a graphics design for a client, the image should showcase your graphics design for a client; the image should showcase your graphic design samples etc. The image must not tell a different story so as not to throw the buyer into a stream of confusion.

   Secondly, the image should not be blurred. Do well to upload a brilliant image, colorful and noiseless image. An image is noisy if it has lots of distracting attributes that could draw the buyer’s attention from the original intention.

      Generally, every character on your gig including the price, images, description etc. stands to tell how credible your gig is. The more commanding your gig is, the more chances of getting visitors to your gig. You need more diligence to get to the top.

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