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Wednesday, 27 September 2017



  One of the things that make your gig very authentic on the oyerrmarket is the extent to which you handle your gig description.

  Your gig description gives your prospective buyer firsthand information about your gig and about you, in extension. To do this, you need to answer a number of questions that your prospective buyer may ask. Once you are able to answer these questions, you are on your way to making a standard gig.

   Some of the questions may include:

·        What’s in the gig?
 Here, you let the buyer know, specifically, what you can do. You can as well go ahead to tell them how you intend to do it.

·        What are in the gig extras?

 Your gig extra serves as a bonus package. It’s a kind of package you can offer to complement your original gig.  Therefore be sure to offer gig extras that could be useful to your prospective buyer, as it relates to your original gig.

·        What if I need something a bit different?

 In such cases, a buyer on, seeing your gig, may request something a bit different from what you have. At this point, make the buyer understand that you will have series of conversation all through the period it will take to complete your job, atleast to make sure you offer just exactly what they want.

·        How fast will I reply your messages?
Assume your prospective buyer of your availability as far as your gig is concerned. Tell them about the notification you will get each time a message is sent to you.

·        What if I am not satisfied?

Also give the buyer an assurance of satisfaction. Make them understand that the oyerr market administration is out to make sure buyers and sellers are maximally satisfied.

      ·        Why are you the right person for the job? 
 Make the buyer understand that inasmuch as you are not Mr. perfect, that you are up to the task, at least to satisfy their needs in real time. Make sure you back this up with your level of experiences and exposure.

·        How long have you been doing this?

Tell the buyer of the number of times you have done such tasks. However, it does not really matter how long, what really matter is how well. Make them understand that fact too.

·        Do you have any previous jobs?

At this point, you need to provide evidences of previous jobs. It could be links, images or whatever thing you need to present as evidence of previous jobs done.

·        What do you require from me to get it done?

Be sure to give specific instruction to your prospective buyer on what you need to accomplish the task.  You gig description determines what the instruction will contain.

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