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Wednesday, 27 September 2017


On oyerr, a lot of misconceptions have emanated over creating express jobs on oyerr market. For some, it is a job that you can do ‘sharp sharp’, for others it is a magical way of getting buyers to your gig.
   Express jobs on are digital jobs that get automatically delivered once the buyer clicks on it. This means that these jobs must be available online, through the link you will provide.
Express jobs could be a document, an image (virtual image), a web link, web design, a project, etc. express jobs are limited ONLY to digital jobs.

 Creating express jobs on oyerr market follows thus:

·        Sign in with your username and password
·        Go to seller
·        From the options, select ‘create a job’
On the gig creation format
·        Type what you can do and select the category
·        Do your gig description
·        Give instructions to your buyer(s)
·        Add tags
·        Enter your location

On the ‘maximum days to complete’ section
·        Click on the highlighted link.
This link allows you to deliver instantly when the buyer clicks on your gig. It is only for digital products.
·        Download or upload the link, file or whatever document it is
·        Upload images
·        Add gig extra (optional)
·        Submit 

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