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Monday, 18 September 2017


  Many sellers on the oyerr market have fallen short on the descriptive part of their gig. Ignorantly, they have presented two or three line sentences as their description.

    The following format will guide you while creating your gig description the next time. Answering these questions will provide you with lots of details to fill your gig description with.

  They include:

·        What Do You Want to Do 

Tell the buyer, specifically, what you want to offer for sale. For instance, if you do laptop repairs, tell the buyer the kind of laptop you repair ---say hp laptop.

·       How Do You Intend to Do It 
Tell the buyer how you intend to accomplish the task. Doing this, make use of active words not passive words so as to present a confident description. 

·        Have You Done This Before
Tell the buyer if you have done that kind of job before and for how long. This shows your level of expertise in your field or category you have chosen. 

·        Who Recommended You 
Let the buyer know of the recommendations you got from your previous jobs. you can even upload or provide a screen shot of the conversation you had with your clients. Always seek a recommendation from your buyers, especially the satisfied ones. On oyerr market, buyers rate your job by clicking on  the white star on your gig to make it turn yellows. buyers can also rate you by commenting on a box that will be provided. It is called rating. 

·        Provide A Link To Your Previous Job(S)
Here, you should provide a Url, or link to your previous jobs. If it's not a virtual or digital job, you can always present a photo of these jobs. This is to make your gig more credible than words can say---- pictures serve as stand-alone stories so does the links you provide.

    Haven done the above, you will notice that you would have presented a detailed and convincing gig description. The buyer will have no doubts requesting for your gig.

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